• Physical Therapy: Our podiatry services include physical therapy for injuries, including sprains and fractures as well as other foot, ankle and heel conditions.
  • Nerve Pain-Neuromas: We treat Morton’s neuroma and other painful foot, heel, and ankle nerve conditions caused by a pinched nerve or a nerve tumor.

Athletic and sports injuries can be caused by sudden impact, repetitive movements, overuse, or ill-fitting or constricting footwear. They often require treatment by a specialist to prevent ongoing problems from developing. If you have a fracture, sprain or other athletic or sports injury in your foot or ankle, working with a podiatrist is essential to your recovery.

In addition to high-impact team sports such as soccer, basketball, football, baseball, lacrosse, and field hockey, athletic foot and ankle injuries can be caused by walking, running, aerobics, and cycling. Other sports-related foot conditions we treat include Athlete’s foot, Morton’s neuroma, nerve tumors and other nerve conditions, bunions, hammertoes and tendinitis. Treatment may include physical therapy, custom orthotics and special exercises to preserve range of motion and stability. We also offer pediatric athletic and sports injury services.

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