Children are subject to all the same foot and ankle conditions and injuries as adults, but proper treatment for their growing bodies requires specialized care. At Cornerstone Foot Care, we offer a variety of pediatric foot care services. Children may require podiatry treatment for a genetic deformity, birth defect, or growth plate condition, as well as incidental injuries and accidents, ill-fitting shoes or infections. Some of the pediatric foot conditions we treat include athletic and sports injuries, ankle sprains, flat feet, high arches, growth plate complications, unexplained heal, ankle, or foot pain, tendinitis, ingrown toenails and warts. Our expert pediatric podiatry services are personalized for each patient’s unique needs, ensuring efficient recovery, prevention from future ailments and lifelong foot health. Foot care is essential for preventing injuries and other foot conditions in children and allowing them to live active lifestyles into adulthood. Contact us to schedule a pediatric foot care appointment.
  • Pediatric Foot and Ankle Care: Our specialized pediatric foot and ankle care services cover a variety of conditions including foot deformities, sports injuries, sprains and fractures.